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PhotobucketOn Wednesday the 19th of May Aberdeen City Council voted in favour of moving the City Square Project Forward. In doing this they not only put Union Terrace Gardens at great risk of being destroyed and replaced with a multilayer construction of concrete topped up with toupée of grass that could leave Aberdeen in up to 25 years worth of debt, they also created the death of democracy in our city.

55% of the public who took part in Scotland’s widest every public consultation (which cost the taxpayer £300,000) voted against the City Square Project. Their top answer of what they wanted to see happen in the area was the retention of the original Union Terrace Gardens. 10,000 people also signed a petition fighting for Union Terrace Gardens and the contemporary arts centre which was going to regenerate it (this can sadly no longer happen due to the council’s decision). All of this was ignored by Aberdeen Council in favour of a crass, vague, undeliverable and arrogant plan backed by rich and patronising business men of Aberdeen. If you believe strongly in preserving a beautiful historic landscape and standing up for democracy in Aberdeen then please, join our campaign and help us fight for a brighter, greener and democratic future for our city.  

I ♥ UTG badges campaign posters are in the process of being printed. These will be distributed for free when they arrive.

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Our Patrons

I ♥ UTG very much values our current patrons and the support, energy and time they give towards our campaign.

Together we hope to achieve a better, brighter future for Aberdeen.


Maggie Craig, Scottish Writer, Huntly.

Annie Lennox, Singer/Songwriter, London.

Alan Minto, Architectural Consultant, Aberdeen.

Eva Merz, Artist, Glasgow/Aberdeen.

Toby Paterson, Artist, Glasgow.

John Rattray, Professional Skateboarder, Aberdeen.

Claudia Zeiske, Director of Deveron Arts, Huntly.

Our Press Coverage

Since launching our petition a few weeks ago we’ve had a wee bit of interest from the press.

Below are some links to articles that have covered our campaign. Unfortunately the press coverage we received on BBC Radio Scotland is no longer available online.

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Press & Journal Letter (in response to Jul 9th article) Jul 11th 2009

Here are some other links that relate to our campaign. Some are other articles that discuss the new arts centre and Sir Ian Woods proposal, others I have added to support the need of a new arts centre in Aberdeen.  All are well worth a read.

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